Q: What is the J-B Weld gift card program?

A: It is a program where you can earn Lowe's $5 e-gift cards by purchasing specific J-B Weld products at selected Lowe's stores or on Lowes.com.

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Register at www.JBWeldGiftCard.com and follow the directions.

Q: How do I earn $5 gift cards?

A: Purchase participating J-B Weld products at Lowe's between 6/11/23 - 05/31/24 and upload your Lowe's receipt(s) at www.JBWeldGiftCard.com You will receive a Lowe's $5 e-gift card for each eligible product purchased.

Q: How many Lowe's $5 e-gift cards can I earn in the program?

A: Unlimited with qualitying purchases and submissions by 05/31/24.

Q: What J-B Weld products are eligible for the program?

A: Both quart and gallon sizes of J-B Weld body filler, fiberglass resin, and multi-purpose putty are eligible. Product must be purchased in a Lowe's store or on Lowes.com. Other J-B Weld products are not eligible.

Q: Are eligible products available in all Lowe's locations?

A: No. Only select locations carry eligible products.

How will I receive my Lowe's $5 e-gift card?

A: The Lowe's $5 e-gift card will be emailed to the email address used in the registration process. Most will be emailed within 24 hours, some within an hour.

Q: Where can I use my Lowe's $5 e-gift card?

A: Lowe's gift cards are good at Lowe's store locations or Lowes.com.

Q: What is required for a successful receipt upload?

A: To ensure a successful upload, follow these important tips: 1) Make sure your Lowe's receipt includes participating J-B Weld products. 2) Keep your Lowe's receipt flat, straight and in focus with no other writing near it. 3) Receipt should be an image file (.jpg, .png, etc.) and less than 5 MB. 4) Make sure all of the following are visible on your Lowe's receipt: Lowe's store name, purchase date, product name and product price.

Q: What if my receipt is not accepted or I get an error?

A: If unsuccessful, please review the error message and re-upload your receipt if it meets all program rules.

Q: What is my username?

A: Your username is the email address you used when you signed up.

Q: What are the terms and conditions of the program?

A: Visit www.JBWeldGiftCard.com for complete program terms.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions or issues?

A: Please click this link to email us directly with any questions or issues.